Donation for Egypt

  • Dog creating Shade

    Desert Dogs Would Love Your Help

    Here at the Dahab Dogs rescue center in the Wadi Valley of Egypt, the Harmony Fund is bringing in emergency aid following the political crisis which has led to a 70% drop in tourism, creating an economic freefall. This has led to food shortages for the dogs and we are asking for donations to help. (photo) During the day, the heat here can be extreme and shade takes shape in caves the dogs dig for themselves.

  • Filling the pool

    Water has to be trucked in here for the dogs.

    Every two to three days, this pool is filled and the dogs love to soak in the water to stay cool. A brave English woman named Janet is single-handedly keeping these dogs alive and we are eager to bring in the support she needs to meet the needs of the animals here.

  • Relaxing

    The dogs are absolutely breathtaking.

    The packs living at the Dahab Dogs rescue center are a mix of friendly, up-for-adoption dogs and also some dogs who are of a more feral nature and prefer just to live freely in a place where they can receive food and water.

  • In the Pool

    Staying Cool in the Water

    Here is dear Guinn, cooling off in a little tub of water.

  • Valley

    Life Here Exists Through the Kindness of Strangers

    Here you can get some idea of the landscape here. During the day the heat can be extreme, but at night the air can become quite cold. Far greater supplies are needed to keep the dogs comfortable in this extreme climate.

  • Dogs are loved

    Love and Devotion for the Rescued Animals Here

    Now we’re bringing you a glimpse of the ESMA shelter in Giza, Egypt. This snapshot shows the love the dogs feel for the volunteers who care for them. And it’s not uncommon to see a volunteer at the bottom of a happy little pile of grateful dogs.

  • Cats in Window

    A Huge Demand for More Space at the Shelter

    The cats here at ESMA are up for adoption. Though the political upheaval and subsequent economic downturn have created tremendous need for shelter intake, ESMA has been forced to halt new rescues as donations have plummeted.

  • Esma & Lola

    Precious Moments Thanks to People Who Care

    Here you see Lola, enjoying her foster home arranged by ESMA.

  • Donation

    Donations are Quick & Easy

    We’ve tried to make it so easy and secure for animal lovers everywhere to help. By using the Paypal or credit card buttons below, you can donate in just seconds. Our mailing address is also shown below for those who wish to donate by check. Thank you all. We are incredibly grateful for any support for the animals here. Thank you for your donation!

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