Food, shelter and protection for dog orphans in Romania

  • Embrace

    Miracles Rising for Romania’s Dog Orphanages

    The Harmony Fund is gathering donations to provide food for the dogs and cats at the shelters in Romania. Winter is coming and love alone will not keep these animals comfortable. We are empowering animal rescue squads, many of whom carry on despite stark personal poverty. We’ve seen how quick these dogs and cats are to trust again, to melt into the arms of their rescuers. The next miracles here will rise from the combined efforts of animal lovers everywhere who step forward to help. Donations will bring food, veterinary care, heat and shelter for dogs and cats.

  • Puppy

    Food, shelter and protection for
    dog orphans in Romania

    We’re raising funds to help Norica Prigoana in her epic journey of compassion for Romanian dogs and cats. Norica’s own small shelter of 50 dogs must relocate soon and there will be increased needs for the street dogs she cares for as winter approaches.

  • Shelter

    Here at the municipal shelter, Norica offers emotional comfort and food to dogs who are confined in this dreadful place. Each time a dog is adopted from Norica’s own shelter, she pulls another dog from this desolate place. Donations today will help Norica and the other heroes in the slides to follow.

  • Love

    This is a dog named Kongo. Norica pulled him off the street on Christmas Eve last year. Does he look grateful?

  • Dirt in the Summer

    Here we are at the St. Francis shelter. Summer and fall are a lovely time of year for the dogs here, but winter brings punishing conditions and we need help securing the buildings and keeping the dogs and cats well fed.

  • Kissing Dog

    Stefan is one of the primary caretakers at the St. Francis shelter. The dogs rely on him for safety and care.

  • 2 puppies

    Pups like these are frequently left at the shelter gate. The only option is to welcome them in despite the financial hardship of caring for so many.

  • Best Cat Group

    The cats here need high quality food and protection from the harsh weather.

  • Fozy

    Now we take you to the Maoland Shelter. This is a little dog named Fozy who has so much love to give.

  • Kitty

    Each of the cats have been saved from such hardship. Here at Maoland, they have a chance to begin a new life.

  • Kisses

    These tender moments of affection are brand new to the dogs who arrive here. Because dogs have such forgiveness, they don’t hold back in sharing their love with the people who rescue them.

  • This is Beano. He's safe now.

    Please donate to help today!

    Beano is safe now. Just one of the thousands we are trying to help in Romania during this very dark time. Though the government is ordering mass extermination of stray dogs, a mission undertaken with extreme brutality, we are determined to do all we can to help. The rescue teams in Romania have never needed financial and emotional support more than they do now.

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Food, shelter and protection for animals in Romania.

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