Bounty of Food, Rescue & Love for Bulgaria’s Street Animals


Bounty of Food, Rescue & Love for Bulgaria’s Street Animals

catsThe Harmony Fund is undertaking its biggest mission ever. This month, we’re grabbing four separate rescue teams by the hand and will change their fortune like never before. Rescuers here spend far too many nights on their knees, too tired to cry, too cold to sleep. This month we want to remind them that they’re not alone. Here’s how your donation will help:

pic-will-you-keep-me-warmRenovate the Shelters for Warmth & Safety:

Imagine how you would care for dogs and cats in the dead of winter with no running hot water or heat? We’re asking for desperately need international support to bring the Rudozem shelter up to modern standards for the comfort and safety of all. Founder Diane Rowles must undertake major renovations including proper plumbing, heating, insulation and an isolation area for new arrivals to prevent the spread of disease. No animal or volunteer here should be drowning in a sea of coldness during winter and the timetable here is urgent.

pic-first-mealFood, Food, Food!

Your donation today will help us deliver food for several hundred dogs and cats, most of whom haven’t had a good meal in a very long time. Once we rid them of parasites and address their other health issues, it’s a joy to watch these rescued animals take shape as healthy individuals, each that look at us with eyes that seem to carry flickers of a dark past they won’t soon forget. Nutritious food is so essential to the recovery of these survivors and it costs a small fortune to feed them all.

pic-lucky-recoveryHealing Veterinary Medicine:

Donations will help with the costs of surgeries that are frequently needed for dogs who have been beaten or struck by cars. Everyday needs such as dewormer, mange treatments and vaccines will also be purchased with your help. On the left you see Lucky, recovering after being run over by a car and left for dead. No one would have believed he could fully heal—but he did it!

pic-first-christmasLoving Homes:

Active foster care and adoption programs are establishing soft landing places for the rescued street animals here. Many will be adopted by families in England. Some people walk by a street dog or cat and feel that there’s nothing they can do. But there are those among us who know differently and have seen thousands of animals make the transition.

pic-we-wont-let-them-stervWe’re Battling Brutality:

In the city of Sofia alone it is estimated that 70,000 street dogs roam. With very few private or government run shelters and a cultural resistance to spay/neuter, dogs and their puppies are simply left on the streets. Others are chained for life and used as “living doorbells” that survive on stale bread with the sole purpose of barking when people approach the house. Our partners at K9 Rescue Bulgaria are striving to address this through education and a free spay-neuter program. Veterinary training is also underway to teach contemporary practices in spay/neuter, pain management and common surgical procedures.

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