Crosby Puppy Massacre Rescue & Reform

crosby-puppy-rescue-304-280Help us zero in on the notorious dumping ground on the banks of the San Jacinto river near Houston, Texas. Volunteers have found dogs decapitated, hit by cars, shot with guns, dismembered and we have eye witness reports of people running dogs over with 4-wheelers.

Every week rescuers are capturing more dogs who have been dumped here. We CAN turn this around. Low cost spay/neuter, monitoring of the area, educational billboards and cooperation with law enforcement is aimed at bringing this crisis under control. Anyone who has ever had a pet knows that the costs of major veterinary needs, food and general care are expensive. For the volunteers here who are responding to the needs of dozens of new dogs each month, those costs are extreme. Please help us today with a tax deductible gift for these animals. Thank you for your exceptional kindness and compassion.

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