Dog Orphanages In Romania – Help Miracles Unfold!


Major Mission for Dogs & Cats in Romania

Today the Harmony Fund is unleashing a 100-day-dash, one of the most massive relief efforts ever attempted to impact the lives of thousands upon thousands of dogs and cats in Romania, one of the world’s hot spots for extreme animal cruelty and neglect.

Your donation to the Harmony Fund’s PROJECT ROMANIA will bring food, veterinary care and urgently needed shelter renovations to keep thousands of dogs and cats warm and dry.

All year long, the Harmony Fund is a lifeline for animals in need, animals who would otherwise fall through the cracks. Your tax deductible donation today will help the animals in Romania, and if you choose to enroll to make monthly donations, you’ll also stay at the forefront of animal rescue efforts across the planet all year long.

German truck driver Tamara Raab asked the Harmony Fund international rescue charity for funds to buy fuel to drive a tractor trailer full of dog & cat food, veterinary supplies, and beds to shelters in Romania. She’d be traveling more than 2,000 miles with a second truck full of supplies following directly behind. Within an hour, we responded with a “Yes!” and Tamara lowered her face into her hands and began to cry.
Volunteers will converge on the shelter in Campulung where more than 1,000 dogs take refuge in a series of dilapidated buildings. Massive open holes in the roofs will be repaired and 3 small buildings must be torn down and rebuilt because they flood with water to such an extreme that the dogs can’t lay their heads down to sleep without risk of drowning.
Best Cat Group
Some of the shelter cats are suffering from chronic upper respiratory infections due to the snow and rain that soaked their living quarters this past winter. With your help, we’ll repair the building and all the cats will receive veterinary attention
Volunteer Dodi Carmen tries to keep the dogs warm at her small home-based shelter in Romania. She is the sole caretaker for her father who is very sick with cancer, yet Dodi is also a surrogate mother for litter after litter of puppies that people leave at her gate during the night.
One legged cat now healed
This cat lost a leg but is healthy now thanks to Romanian rescuers. We aim to provide veterinary care for thousands of cats and dogs and we need substantial help from our amazing supporters.
Antoaneta Ionescu, a retired Mathematics teacher, now devotes herself to the dogs as the animal shelter in Campulung, Romania. At night, she cares for sick animals in her home. We are so blessed to be supporting such devoted animal rescuers and excited to see the extreme transformation we’ll be making for the animals here.

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