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  • Jetty Cats

    Jetty Cats Need Shelter & Care:

    Until recently, these homeless beach cats had a safe sleeping and eating quarters near a life guard tower on a California beach. However that haven was dismantled suddenly with only 24 hours notice to volunteers and the cats (who are frightened around beachgoers with dogs) have fled onto a jetty. This exposed seaside location will soon present grave danger as seasonal storms move through. We’re urgently negotiating for a sheltered area to be rebuilt on the grounds and efforts are underway to rescue, foster and adopt the cats. UPDATE: We have reached our funding goal for the cats’ shelter. No further donations needed for the cats, but others still need your help. Please enjoy the rest of the slideshow and consider help to other underdog animal rescue squads worldwide. Donations are GREATLY appreciated.

  • Food & Care for More Marooned Animals

    Food & Care for More Marooned Animals:

    In the coastal community of Avsallar in Turkey, we’re helping more marooned animals. Dogs and cats here wander the streets and look for food from tourists, but during the off-season, they have so little. We’re sponsoring feeding, spay/neuter and international adoptions for the animals here year-round.

  • 400 Dogs Have Food With Your Help:

    400 Dogs Have Food With Your Help:

    Sasha Pejčić cares for 400 dogs at his breathtaking animal shelter in Serbia. The dogs eat, play, run and sleep together peacefully. A financial crisis recently brought near-tragedy here when the funds dried up. The dogs had been without food for 2 days. But today, the dogs eat well, and as you can see, they are truly loved and well cared for thanks to our supporters. Our food bill here is huge. Please consider a donation to help.

  • Miracles for the Dog Orphans of Romania

    Miracles for the Dog Orphans of Romania

    “I am crying desperately and I am so sorry to ask you again for HELP. The shelter has no more money even to feed the animals. Our only luck is that we have food in shelter for 3 weeks more from the money you donated recently.” This mail comes from Cristina Cristescu at the St. Francis Shelter in Romania. It’s time for Cristina to dry her tears and to be reminded that the distance between us is not that far after all. With your help, we’ll continue to send funds here to provide food, medicine and shelter for the dogs.

  • There is Love Here:

    There is Love Here:

    At the Love Animal House sanctuary in Thailand, we’re caring for animals of every kind, many of them saved from the cooking pot. Here you see a blind dog (left) who has made new friends and learned to trust again. Through our monthly giving option, you can have donations automatically sent to help our animal rescue programs all year long.

  • Winter Cat Care

    Winter Cat Care

    We’re always getting ready for winter because it’s such a hard time for feral cats. Food must get to the cats 365 days a year, even on the days that it takes us hours to shovel a path to get to them. Here you see a Harmony Fund volunteer who has used a humane trap to safely capture a homeless cat in an industrial zone on a bitterly cold day.

  • Bubbles of Love in Bulgaria

    Bubbles of Love in Bulgaria

    The Harmony Fund sponsors a bounty of rescue squads here in Bulgaria. At these rescue centers, devotion and determination overpower poverty. We are not only providing food and care for dogs, but working on legislative and educational reform to impact the lives of millions. Can you help?

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