Colonel Angels Bulgarian Street Dogs

  • before-rita-doorbell-dog

    BEFORE: Rita The Doorbell Dog

    Rita was only five weeks old when she was chained up in a backyard and forgotten. She cried for days and then silence ensued for a very long time. By the time we learned of her plight and intervened, Rita was skeletal. Her whole world began to change when the owners agreed to let us feed her daily and begin taking her for long walks.

  • before-rita-doorbell-dog

    AFTER: Rita’s Happy New Life

    Can you see Rita in the lower right corner, lying in the grass? This is her new family in Germany and they love her dearly. Because it’s not possible to bring this kind of rescue to every doorbell dog, we ask you to help support our work to raise the standards of care for all dogs here who wait for help.

  • before-hector

    BEFORE: Hector

    Hector represents the classic “doorbell dog” whose sole purpose in life is to bark when visitors approach the house. These dogs live in a state of complete neglect with no companionship, no freedom of movement and only scarce quantities of old bread for food.

  • after-hector

    AFTER: Hector

    Here Hector has received his veterinary care, a proper dog house, a long run (like a clothesline), and now his sponsor pays for him to get healthy meals each day. Each dog who gets help from us helps raise the bar for the care of other dogs in the community.

  • lulu-lily

    Lulu and Lily

    Many of the dogs we’re helping were homeless or severely abused. It takes only $72 to transform the lives of dogs like these.

  • liz-and-shelly

    Liz and Shelly

    Puppies like these are finding new homes abroad through our very busy adoption program. While we are delighted to give them a happily-ever-after story, our main aim remains in rasising the standards of care for ALL dogs here in Bulgaria.

  • dee-dee


    We’re no stranger to missing limbs and broken backs. The dogs we rescue from the most deplorable cruelty go on to become the most grateful and loving pets.

  • mira


    There’s no trace of the life this dog once lived. Today she is surrounded by a family who loves her and all the food and water she needs.

  • sarka


    Sarka was beaten with a cane by a random passerby when she was a puppy and lost her ability to walk. After surgery, Sarka is now learning how to walk again.

  • kiara-ringo-muri

    Kiara, Ringo & Muri

    Kiara and her 2 brothers, Ringo and Muri, were rescued from the municipal shelter (photo from municipal shelter) where they had contracted the parvovirus. They were nursed back to health and have all been adopted – Ringo in Bulgaria and Kiara and Muri in Holland.

  • shakira


    Shakira was rescued with severe mange from a posh business park in Sofia where passers-by would swing their legs and bags at her repulsive appearance; her survival chances were close to 0. From just over 11kg and barely standing on her feeble legs, this loving dog is now in foster care, close to 19kg and leaping about like a Hollywood stuntman.

  • raising-awareness

    Raising Awareness & Eucation

    We teach children how to treat cats and dogs humanely and with care and to be indiscriminate toward animals’ breed, shape, size and age. Today’s young generation is the future hope for a better cohabitation of people with animals.

Bulgaria has a major problem with the welfare of dogs. Poverty and ignorance through lack of education has led to thousands of unwanted puppies and dogs being thrown out onto the streets every year. These puppies, if they live to adulthood, have a miserable existence . In many cases there are efforts made to cull them in inhumane ways.

Here’s what we have underway to help reform the welfare of dogs in Bulgaria:

  • Spay/neuter for both owned and un-owned dogs to help reduce the stray dog crisis and the suffering of thousands
  • Providing more comfortable conditions for “Doorbell Dogs”.  These are owned dogs who live in miserable neglect and often eat little more than a heal of moldy bread every few days.  We provide weatherproof kennels, beds, water bowls, de-wormers, flea treatments, rabies vaccines and long runs that allow the dogs far more space to walk and explore their surroundings.
  • Running educational courses on animal welfare for the schools in the local community.  Our task is to change the way people view dogs and to demonstrate potential for a more humane relationship with their animals.

 Colonel Angels is very determined to put all our efforts into making a difference for ‘Mans best friend’ and we hope you will make a donation to the Harmony Fund to help support our work.