Help in Suffering of India

  • dunkie-injured

    Help-in-Suffering has 2 animal shelters; the original shelter, founded in 1980, on 2 acres of land in south Jaipur, and a shelter in Kalimpong (West Bengal). Here you see a donkey with a severe infection who is about to begin veterinary treatment.

  • camel

    A new specialized Camel Rescue Centre is being built at Bassi, a village on the Agra road, to serve draught camels.

  • dog-spayneutered

    Jaipur is the state capital of Rajasthan, and the shelter there employs about 35 staff and has 3 rescue ambulances and 2 mobile clinic vehicles. they sterilized 3,500 dogs a year and vaccinate 9,000 against rabies. All told, 70,000 dogs have received care through the program.

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  • kids-dog

    There have been no human cases of rabies in Jaipur.

  • man-dear

    Inside the peaceful, garden-like grounds of their shelters, Help-in-Suffering provides refuge for many animals, works as a veterinary hospital treating all species, and aims to re-home as many un owned animals as possible. Some 3,500 animals are rescued each year.

  • villege-vet-camp

    Village veterinary camps provide invaluable care and preventative treatment for animals in the community.

  • injured-peacock

    This image is disturbing but this is one of several rescues that Help-in-Suffering take s on every day.

  • lady-hugs-dunky

    Please help support this very special mission to protect, rescue and heal.

When we look into the eyes of any rescued animal or bird it seems dear what they want to convey. All they say is that they like to LIVE. There are thousand of animals on the street that are left discarded and ignored and could lead much better life with a little effort. At Help-in-Suffering, our dedicated staffs are always ready to rescue on animal in need and the highly qualified vets do everything to get them better. We are also conducting a city-wide Animal Birth Control programme, where hundreds of dogs every month are caught and are neutralized/spayed. Due to these efforts no rabies cases have been recorded in the implemented areas for the past three years. HIS is now on its way to establish a Camel Rescue Centre for the benefit of the numerous camels in Rajasthan.

You can be a part of all this too. All it takes is a big heart and a little effort. A generous donation from you can help put into action. HIS commitment to save, protect and improve the lives of thousands of animals in our country.

A stroke of your pen (or click of your mouse) can secure every animal’s right to better humane treatment.

I urge to you to please donate generously.

Sincerely yours,

Timmie Kumar
Managing Trustee

How Your Donations Help:

  • 31,000 Rupees ($661 US) per month to feed cows, equines and camels who are undergoing treatment
  • 1.4 lakh Rupees ($3,000 US) to run the rescue ambulance for a year
  • 14,000 Rupees ($300 US) per month to pay the electricity bill
  • 2.75 lakh Rupees ($5,820 US) per year to employ a veterinary surgeon
  • 10,000 Rupees ($213 US) for bird rescues on Makar Sankranti
  • 5 lakh Rupees ($10,677 US) for new Rescue/Dog Catching Ambulance